Benefits of Hot Stone Massage

September 19, 2016 | By coolhorseproperties | 0 Comments

Hot Stone massage is a type of massage where heated stones are applied to the body as a form of therapeutic massage. The stones are usually small round and smooth and oiled. The heat deeply penetrates into the body resulting into a profound relaxation. The following are some of the benefits of a hot stone massage.

Muscle Relaxation

As a result of the heat penetrating the body, it makes the muscles profoundly to relax. This allows the massage therapist to be able to effectively work on the deep issues.

Relief of Pain

Because the therapist is able to penetrate deeper into the tissues, a hot stone massage leaves one feeling better physically.

Improves Circulation

When the heat from the hot stone penetrates the body tissues, body vessels open up and thus improving circulation which brings more oxygen to the muscles. This may ease pains and aches.

Mental Benefits

Apart from physical benefits, a hot stone massage may also lead to tremendous health benefits. It helps release tension and mental stress. It can also relieve depression and anxiety disorders.

In conclusion, a hot stone massage is effective when it comes to deeply detoxifying the body and profoundly relaxing the muscles.


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